Sunday, October 2, 2011

P∀GE 13

this song delivers a dose of heavy time chopping managed along a road of distortion.
the raw material gathered dust helped us along when we were at our finest hour.
future engagements enveloped aside the whispering pond it glimmered and rised. 
the fortunes misguided disguised a dismissal when thrown from a whim an arrow stormed in.
blood lie there on the floor poor door it never creaked before
the lights all blew with such a commotion noticing the universe always had motion
you stood silent but only for a minute while never stopped and stared right into my vision
so newspaper bags wrapped up in presents, the whispering hills are all but a menace.
you said, i reached into my pockets and into electrical sockets
i nearly think i got this and you just manage to drop it. 
straight on a mission from mars i got a wish and its ours
i think i got it cuz i got the key
but you keep on knockin' incessantly
i manage to kick a rhyme down try to slow the time down 
make it all stop
take me to another town let the bass drop
if i didnt have my headphones on i might be on the way
but "things are really weird and they get weirder everyday".


i like this although its very hard to describe so just listen to it. 


inside of this arrangement you will find clever twists and turns upside down or inside out
it doesnt really matter
everything you hear is only an illusion, vibrations heard with your ears
clearly the depth of the music is close
or on its way
the music pierces through weightless particles 
while flower rise up to greet the sun
im all done.
its all one. 


i blink and sink when the strobe light i think blacks out the night
all right in the mood can you feel the groove
im not even thinking i can do what i want
grab a cable or not its a balloon on a string
pop and it bring brain candy 
raining upon you 
every part of you is
dont get stuck 
on the canday its all about to melt
cuz its almost a ritual


actually a really raw track if you get it in flacc
but take a step back and get with the commotion
this flow is coming out and its bigger than the ocean 
gotta get with it gotta get with the commotion. 

+__ +

i got the tracks
make the stacks 
knock the plaques 
off the walls
coming out the walls 
with huge speakers
brain teasers and 
intellect to teach us
my meditation brings revelation
no hatin'
im just mind dialating

filled in the cracks 
cuz you know i got your back 
you wont meet me on the attack
cuz im not at the bike racks

im not here to school ya
fool ya
think im old skool ya

i got lots to say 
and i say it anyway
but i lack the form cuz its 
leisurely .